Day in the life of a Las Vegas Realtor

A day in the life of a Las Vegas Realtor. Today is a first in my 15 years working as a Realtor in Las Vegas. This time I didn’t see it coming. But there’s always a first time.  Being a Realtor is never dull and every day is different. It can be fun, busy, stressful, exciting, glamorous and dull. The last few days have been dramatic. Each deal and each client has to be treated a little differently because no listing or sale is truly the same. My clients can be calm, fun, sad, stressed, happy and frustrated, so I have to be ready for all emotions and keep mine in check.

I was referred to handle a Probate listing by my own personal attorney who has referred clients to me in the past.  When a person dies without a will, in the State of Nevada the estate must go to the Probate Court to approve the sale of the home. If you haven’t been to the Probate court in Las Vegas you should go. It’s interesting and sometimes dramatic.  We listed the home, got an offer from an investor and we accepted the contract. Then a court date was scheduled to have the deal approved. Which we did. And then the deal went sideways. The Buyers, an investor group, decided (a month after doing an inspection) that the home needed some work and they wanted to reduce the sale price. In other words they tried to extort a lower price AFTER we had the sale approved by the court.  After over a week of fighting with them, we politely told them in so many words to “go pound sand’…..  And they cancelled.

So many emotions: Anger at their behavior, sad for the family that we have to find another buyer, frustrated that time was wasted and shocked at how late they pulled the shenanigans. We were supposed to close this week. Oh well, property has been re-listed and we are waiting for another buyer who truly wants the home. And, I have learned a lot from this situation.


Day in the Life of a Las Vegas Realtor

A Day in the Life

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