Day 5 in the Life of a Las Vegas Realtor

Ok, Day 5 in the Life of a Las Vegas Realtor. One of my short sales just got countered by the negotiator at Nationstar. The home is currently priced at $68,000.  So I’m not surprised. Heck, you can’t build a home for that. It’s an older home in Henderson, NV. What I call Old Henderson, or the original area near Boulder Highway. Super cute little house. Bank wants $80,000.  Buyer asked me to counter back at $75,000. But there is a 2nd and they need $6,000. So I told the agent that they need to keep in mind that the bank is asking for $80K because of what they need to net after giving the 2nd lien $6,000. I’m waiting to hear what the negotiator will say.   Oh, wait, I just got a message on the Equator system as I write this blog post. yikes.. do you think they are spying on me?  Stay tuned… I’ll check the message!   LOL, okay not the message I wanted.  I had received  an approval on another file and I had thanked the negotiator. The message today was “your welcome”. Always treat the negotiators well. They may be in the cubicle next to the other negotiator.  🙂

Short Sales

Short Sales

There are over 10,000 homes on the market in Las Vegas right now. Which means the more supply we have, the longer time the homes will be on the market. More supply, less  demand, and prices will drop. And this also means: it’s a Buyers market again. It is a great time to buy in Las Vegas. Smoking Deals to be had!  And, the interest rates are CRAZY low!  The 2 homes I have below are available and both Sellers are motivated for different reasons. 4760 Summerhill is a Probate sale (which I have mentioned in other blog posts) and the other is a lovely home in Southern Highlands. Gated neighborhood, great location. Home has Pool/Spa. If you are from back east, or from Canada this home is a steal at $284,000!!

Summerhill- 4 Bdrm, HUGE Loft. Neighborhood has community Pool/Spa and Tennis Courts! $164,000!!

Click on link to see the Virtual Tour.   Summerhill Probate Sale!

Southern Highlands Home! 3 Bdrm, Large Loft, Private Pool/Spa. Great location!

Click on Link to see the Virtual Tour! S. Highlands Home w/Pool & Spa!

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