Day 4 in the Life of a Las Vegas Realtor

Day 4 in the Life of a Las Vegas Realtor. Every day is different.. And, every Monday morning can be really different. Monday Morning after a Holiday weekend. Halloween was  also a holiday here called  Nevada Day. And Mondays can be blah for some folks or happy for others. Today was a great way to start my week. I opened up my  email to see a message from Equator. This is the internet site that a lot of the banks use to work with us on short sales. We upload documents on this site and message the negotiators to discuss the file. So when I got the email that there was a message waiting for me, it could mean a few things. A file that is still in progress, a message from a negotiator, a counter or…. something better.

YES! When I opened the message on one of the short sales I am doing I had a message from the negotiator that the short sale had been approved!!   The balance of the homeowners loan was wiped and they also received a full waiver of deficiency – which means the bank cannot come after them for the balance of the mortgage they had. I am so happy for my homeowners!

This is also great news for the buyer on this home, who as you saw from a previous blog post, is a replacement buyer. The buyer is getting a very nice single story home in a great Henderson, NV zip code and, neighborhood.
Happy Monday!!  and Happy November!!



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Short Sale Approved

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