Day 3 in the Life of a Las Vegas Realtor

Day in the Life of a Las Vegas Realtor. Tuesdays always seem to be the busiest. Started the day with an agent calling about the Probate listing I mentioned yesterday. The home is listed at $169,00 and she called to ask if making an offer at $135,000 is too low. Uh, what do you think? Yes, its too low!   This is an agent that needs to sit Buyer client down and have a buyer consultation. If Buyer wants to spend $135,000 then show him/her $135,000 … Maybe $150,000 tops. Then negotiate.   If they don’t want $135,000 homes and really want $170,000 homes… well.. you need to have conversation.As an agent, you will drive yourself crazy and use a lot of gas showing homes that 1. they don’t want and 2. they can’t afford.

Our KW Office meeting was excellent today. We talked about the market and 5 things to share with a potential seller. 1. List before the holidays. I bought 2 of my houses in the fall. And lots of sellers say they want to wait until after the holidays. get it on the market before the rest. In Las Vegas, we get lots of snowbirds visiting when the weather turns cold back east and up north in Canada. 2. New home builders. There is a lot of new homes you are competing with. But buying resale, you won’t have to wait.  3. interest rates are very low right now. They may rise in 2015. You can buy more home for your bucks. 4. Inventory is going up. More supply equals less demand and prices may drop.  5. Price your home to sell. Not what you wish its worth.  Be a motivated seller not a seller who isn’t really ready to sell.

Inventory in Las Vegas is at 10,310 homes for sale. Up 2,000 listings from the end of September.  Days on market are about 67-70 days now. So Sellers need to be patient with amount of showings and how long it will take to sell.  The days of Realtors that do nothing to market a home and put one photo on the MLS are over. In the past month, I’ve gone back to doing things I used to do years ago. Broker Open House lunches (invite office to open house and provide lunch. Get feedback from them on condition of home, price its listed at, and, what we can do to get it sold. Virtual tours. Put as many photos of the home on the MLS. use Email Flyer service to send listing to entire real estate agent data base.


House for Sale

House for Sale

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