Day 2 in the Life Of a Las Vegas Realtor

Day 2 in the Life of  a las Vegas Realtor. I had lots of calls and emails on the Probate listing that I had to put back on the market. I’m hoping to get a cash offer in today. I am fascinated by some of the Realtors who have called about this one. One woman talked and talked about all the things wrong about the home. And I kept asking ok, so what’s your point? Are you trying to talk your self out of making an offer?  Maybe she doesn’t want to sell a house? Then don’t. Move on.

My business has so many different types of listings right now and I like how it varies my day. I still have short sale listings, and this probate and this year a lot of  “traditional” sellers. Traditional means that they are Sellers who have “shocker!”” equity in their home! I’m so glad we have some of those again. Not everyone in Las Vegas is upside down.  I recently posted a testimonial from a client who bought at the bottom of the market about 3-4 years ago and just sold her home this month. she made a big profit. I was happy to be apart of both the buying and selling of her home.

One of the short sale listings right now has a first and second mortgage. So it’s like tug of war between the 2 lenders. The second with Citi got approved very quickly. And I’ve been waiting on the 1st with Nationstar. They are usually dealing with investors. And the homeowners loans was probably a Bank Of America, Washington Mutual loan when it was originated. The investor wants to achieve a certain net and we weren’t able to meet it with the first cash buyer. Now, we have a new Buyer and have squeeked out the net they required. But the funny thing is the investor had a cash buyer ready to close, and now we have to wait and work with a buyer who has to get financing Anyone who knows, cash is king, you always take the easier cash deal. Anything can happen with a buyer doing financing. I just don’t get why the bank/lien holders don’t understand that.


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