KW #1 In The World

February 19th, 2015

KW #1 In The World. It has been an amazing way to start 2015. At the recent Keller Williams Family Reunion (what other people call a convention) it was announced that Keller Williams in now Number 1 in the WORLD!  This is an incredible accomplishment in such a short time. So many other real estate companies have been around for 50-75-100 years!  The convention is called a Family Reunion because it is. One of the main values for KW is its about  putting family first. And when you attend year after year, you do see old friends again.  Family Reunion was in Orlando, Florida this year and next year it will be in New Orleans, LA!  It will be so popular that they anticipate that it will sell out within days after the tickets to attend are released. I went on yesterday and 39 hotels did not have any reservations available for those days next February 2016. Which means KW has already blocked hotels! If you are interested in attending this incredible event and meet mega agents, hear from high producing agents, learn in great classes and get referrals from agents all over the world contact me anytime. And, if you are interested in a career in real estate let us know, we would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Number 1 in the world

Number 1 in the world

BOOOYAH!!! KW is a Success!

November 28th, 2014


BOOYAH!!! KW is a Sucess!

Why? Don’t just take our word for it. See why others agree, Keller Williams is passionate about helping their agents achieve careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.   Go to and look at all the great videos and articles. Make the move,  Make a change, start 2015 off on the right direction. Make your real estate career about you! If you are thinking of a career in real estate contact us today to find out why we made the move to KW and why it was the best decision we ever made! KW builds your business and supports your goals and dreams.



Keene Team Las Vegas Real Estate

The Keene Team, KW Las Vegas

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

November 25th, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Real Estate – Career worth having

November 7th, 2014

Are you thinking changing careers?  Would you like to become a Real estate agent? Are you stalled and not moving up to the next level in your  business? Thinking of making a change? Call or email us anytime to discuss your future goals. Find out why we made the move to KW, and why we think KW is the best place to begin your career, or, take your real estate business to the next level. If you are currently with another real estate company and want more support, education and training to build a team or your business then give us a call. No matter what city, state, country you live in, we can make you move to KW.  Be apart of the growth of KW as we start our global expansion.

Real Estate: A Career Worth Having

Real Estate with KW

Real Estate Career

Why KW? Cutting Edge- Exciting Future

November 6th, 2014

Have you thought of a having a career in real estate?  Real Estate is an exciting choice.  You can join a company that core values and is focused on the Agents success- not the company’s. KW’s motto is to Build Careers worth Having,  Business worth owning and Lives worth living.  Are you currently a Realtor with another company, and you are considering making a change?  Why KW?  Keller Williams Realty  is the real estate company for the future.  KW is cutting Edge and has advanced technology.A training and consulting company that also provides the franchise systems, products, and services that lead to productivity and profitability. Keller Williams thinks like a top producer, acts like a trainer- consultant, and focuses all its activities on service, productivity, and profitability.

KW is expanding around the globe.  Keller Williams Realty is incredibly successful in Canada and we are already expanding into many other countries. England, Mexico and so many more.  Like other corporations, you have the ability to profit from Keller Williams growth. Find out how you can create a retirement plan for your future and one that is will-able to your children. Why is KW #1 in North America?   See why so many agents are moving to KW. 

KW Company of Choice


Why KW? Real Estate Careers

Day 5 in the Life of a Las Vegas Realtor

November 5th, 2014

Ok, Day 5 in the Life of a Las Vegas Realtor. One of my short sales just got countered by the negotiator at Nationstar. The home is currently priced at $68,000.  So I’m not surprised. Heck, you can’t build a home for that. It’s an older home in Henderson, NV. What I call Old Henderson, or the original area near Boulder Highway. Super cute little house. Bank wants $80,000.  Buyer asked me to counter back at $75,000. But there is a 2nd and they need $6,000. So I told the agent that they need to keep in mind that the bank is asking for $80K because of what they need to net after giving the 2nd lien $6,000. I’m waiting to hear what the negotiator will say.   Oh, wait, I just got a message on the Equator system as I write this blog post. yikes.. do you think they are spying on me?  Stay tuned… I’ll check the message!   LOL, okay not the message I wanted.  I had received  an approval on another file and I had thanked the negotiator. The message today was “your welcome”. Always treat the negotiators well. They may be in the cubicle next to the other negotiator.  🙂

Short Sales

Short Sales

There are over 10,000 homes on the market in Las Vegas right now. Which means the more supply we have, the longer time the homes will be on the market. More supply, less  demand, and prices will drop. And this also means: it’s a Buyers market again. It is a great time to buy in Las Vegas. Smoking Deals to be had!  And, the interest rates are CRAZY low!  The 2 homes I have below are available and both Sellers are motivated for different reasons. 4760 Summerhill is a Probate sale (which I have mentioned in other blog posts) and the other is a lovely home in Southern Highlands. Gated neighborhood, great location. Home has Pool/Spa. If you are from back east, or from Canada this home is a steal at $284,000!!

Summerhill- 4 Bdrm, HUGE Loft. Neighborhood has community Pool/Spa and Tennis Courts! $164,000!!

Click on link to see the Virtual Tour.   Summerhill Probate Sale!

Southern Highlands Home! 3 Bdrm, Large Loft, Private Pool/Spa. Great location!

Click on Link to see the Virtual Tour! S. Highlands Home w/Pool & Spa!

Day 4 in the Life of a Las Vegas Realtor

November 3rd, 2014

Day 4 in the Life of a Las Vegas Realtor. Every day is different.. And, every Monday morning can be really different. Monday Morning after a Holiday weekend. Halloween was  also a holiday here called  Nevada Day. And Mondays can be blah for some folks or happy for others. Today was a great way to start my week. I opened up my  email to see a message from Equator. This is the internet site that a lot of the banks use to work with us on short sales. We upload documents on this site and message the negotiators to discuss the file. So when I got the email that there was a message waiting for me, it could mean a few things. A file that is still in progress, a message from a negotiator, a counter or…. something better.

YES! When I opened the message on one of the short sales I am doing I had a message from the negotiator that the short sale had been approved!!   The balance of the homeowners loan was wiped and they also received a full waiver of deficiency – which means the bank cannot come after them for the balance of the mortgage they had. I am so happy for my homeowners!

This is also great news for the buyer on this home, who as you saw from a previous blog post, is a replacement buyer. The buyer is getting a very nice single story home in a great Henderson, NV zip code and, neighborhood.
Happy Monday!!  and Happy November!!



avoid foreclosure

Short Sale Approved

Day 3 in the Life of a Las Vegas Realtor

October 28th, 2014

Day in the Life of a Las Vegas Realtor. Tuesdays always seem to be the busiest. Started the day with an agent calling about the Probate listing I mentioned yesterday. The home is listed at $169,00 and she called to ask if making an offer at $135,000 is too low. Uh, what do you think? Yes, its too low!   This is an agent that needs to sit Buyer client down and have a buyer consultation. If Buyer wants to spend $135,000 then show him/her $135,000 … Maybe $150,000 tops. Then negotiate.   If they don’t want $135,000 homes and really want $170,000 homes… well.. you need to have conversation.As an agent, you will drive yourself crazy and use a lot of gas showing homes that 1. they don’t want and 2. they can’t afford.

Our KW Office meeting was excellent today. We talked about the market and 5 things to share with a potential seller. 1. List before the holidays. I bought 2 of my houses in the fall. And lots of sellers say they want to wait until after the holidays. get it on the market before the rest. In Las Vegas, we get lots of snowbirds visiting when the weather turns cold back east and up north in Canada. 2. New home builders. There is a lot of new homes you are competing with. But buying resale, you won’t have to wait.  3. interest rates are very low right now. They may rise in 2015. You can buy more home for your bucks. 4. Inventory is going up. More supply equals less demand and prices may drop.  5. Price your home to sell. Not what you wish its worth.  Be a motivated seller not a seller who isn’t really ready to sell.

Inventory in Las Vegas is at 10,310 homes for sale. Up 2,000 listings from the end of September.  Days on market are about 67-70 days now. So Sellers need to be patient with amount of showings and how long it will take to sell.  The days of Realtors that do nothing to market a home and put one photo on the MLS are over. In the past month, I’ve gone back to doing things I used to do years ago. Broker Open House lunches (invite office to open house and provide lunch. Get feedback from them on condition of home, price its listed at, and, what we can do to get it sold. Virtual tours. Put as many photos of the home on the MLS. use Email Flyer service to send listing to entire real estate agent data base.


House for Sale

House for Sale

Day 2 in the Life Of a Las Vegas Realtor

October 27th, 2014

Day 2 in the Life of  a las Vegas Realtor. I had lots of calls and emails on the Probate listing that I had to put back on the market. I’m hoping to get a cash offer in today. I am fascinated by some of the Realtors who have called about this one. One woman talked and talked about all the things wrong about the home. And I kept asking ok, so what’s your point? Are you trying to talk your self out of making an offer?  Maybe she doesn’t want to sell a house? Then don’t. Move on.

My business has so many different types of listings right now and I like how it varies my day. I still have short sale listings, and this probate and this year a lot of  “traditional” sellers. Traditional means that they are Sellers who have “shocker!”” equity in their home! I’m so glad we have some of those again. Not everyone in Las Vegas is upside down.  I recently posted a testimonial from a client who bought at the bottom of the market about 3-4 years ago and just sold her home this month. she made a big profit. I was happy to be apart of both the buying and selling of her home.

One of the short sale listings right now has a first and second mortgage. So it’s like tug of war between the 2 lenders. The second with Citi got approved very quickly. And I’ve been waiting on the 1st with Nationstar. They are usually dealing with investors. And the homeowners loans was probably a Bank Of America, Washington Mutual loan when it was originated. The investor wants to achieve a certain net and we weren’t able to meet it with the first cash buyer. Now, we have a new Buyer and have squeeked out the net they required. But the funny thing is the investor had a cash buyer ready to close, and now we have to wait and work with a buyer who has to get financing Anyone who knows, cash is king, you always take the easier cash deal. Anything can happen with a buyer doing financing. I just don’t get why the bank/lien holders don’t understand that.


Fireplace Front Kitchen1



Day in the life of a Las Vegas Realtor

October 24th, 2014

A day in the life of a Las Vegas Realtor. Today is a first in my 15 years working as a Realtor in Las Vegas. This time I didn’t see it coming. But there’s always a first time.  Being a Realtor is never dull and every day is different. It can be fun, busy, stressful, exciting, glamorous and dull. The last few days have been dramatic. Each deal and each client has to be treated a little differently because no listing or sale is truly the same. My clients can be calm, fun, sad, stressed, happy and frustrated, so I have to be ready for all emotions and keep mine in check.

I was referred to handle a Probate listing by my own personal attorney who has referred clients to me in the past.  When a person dies without a will, in the State of Nevada the estate must go to the Probate Court to approve the sale of the home. If you haven’t been to the Probate court in Las Vegas you should go. It’s interesting and sometimes dramatic.  We listed the home, got an offer from an investor and we accepted the contract. Then a court date was scheduled to have the deal approved. Which we did. And then the deal went sideways. The Buyers, an investor group, decided (a month after doing an inspection) that the home needed some work and they wanted to reduce the sale price. In other words they tried to extort a lower price AFTER we had the sale approved by the court.  After over a week of fighting with them, we politely told them in so many words to “go pound sand’…..  And they cancelled.

So many emotions: Anger at their behavior, sad for the family that we have to find another buyer, frustrated that time was wasted and shocked at how late they pulled the shenanigans. We were supposed to close this week. Oh well, property has been re-listed and we are waiting for another buyer who truly wants the home. And, I have learned a lot from this situation.


Day in the Life of a Las Vegas Realtor

A Day in the Life